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Sean Joins Cast of “Eight Improv”

Times Square, New York, NY — Sean has been selected as a company member of “Eight is Never Enough,” a family-friendly improv troupe that performs over 300 shows annually in New York City and the Eastern U.S.  Most shows are performed at the Broadway Comedy Club in Times Square, New York City.  Click for info and tickets.  Sean’s performing schedule may be different than the shows listed, so contact him before buying to make sure he is performing!

Theatrical Clown Workshop in NYC – Feb. 17 and 24

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Sean will be teaching a clown workshop for The Ume Group School in February  2018 with the additional possibility of having a rehearsed public performance in April 2018.

You can sign up here:

Theatrical Clown: The Courage to be Honest (and Stupid)​

From Sean Mulvihill’s solo show, “Velo”

2 Day Workshop with Actor Sean A. Mulvihill (The Exuberant Theatre Company) at the Ume Group
Day 1. Finding My Honest Stupid (Theatrical Clown Persona)
Day 2. My Honest Stupid at Play (Theatrical Clown Composition)

Learn the principles of

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US Premiere of “Velo” in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY– 8pm, November 11th, the second Saturday of the month, catch eclectic contemporary artists in New York at Howl Performance Series. We think a house concert is the best opportunity for artists and audiences to access new disciplines, new points of view, and new works. Bring something to drink and something to put in the hat. Donations are graciously accepted on behalf of the performers.


The How is unbelievably excited to introduce this month’s fantastic melange of acts. Feral Foster is an impassioned folksinger and powerful songwriter who hosts a weekly Wednesday “Roots n Ruckus” at Jalopy.Claudi fronts an amazing band called Pinc Louds, where she screams and whispers her myths, fairy tales, recipes and wifi passwords. Du.0 is The How’s own Aimee Niemann and Charlotte Munn-Wood, professional noisemakers who will be bringing their violins. Polina Ionina, also with The How will deliver the ebbs and flows of her one-woman show on Henry Miller. Sean Mulvihill is an actor returning to New York after years of studying and performing abroad. He’ll be performing his clown show Velo.


Sean’s RAI Italy Debut on “Questo Nostro Amore”

Sean has a supporting role in an upcoming episode of RAI Italy’s “Questo Nostro Amore” with Neri Marcore’.  The series has been running in Italy since 2012, and follows the story of an 60’s era Italian family who must keep their relationship a secret from their neighbors.  The couple are both separated from prior spouses but because divorce was illegal in Italy until 1970, they would be shunned if found out.  The show’s themes parallel today’s social injustices.  The episode was directed by Isabella Leoni and is expected to air in late 2017.

Sean with Questo Nostro Amore star, Neri Marcore'.

Sean with Questo Nostro Amore star, Neri Marcore’.

Now Available! Sean Stars in Sony Playstation VR Game ‘Loading Human’

The game came out October 13, 2016!  Back in April 2016 I was cast by actor/director Flavio Parenti (star of Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love”) as the protagonist for the new Sony Playstation Virtual Reality game, “Loading Human.” I am sworn to secrecy about the details of the game, but my character’s name is Prometheus.  I got a chance to play some parts of the game and it is awesome!  I recorded the voices in Genoa over a weekend in early May and had a lot of fun working with Flavio and meeting all the programmers.  Here is the trailer–the game and new Sony VR system are available now! –Sean

Sean's character, Prometheus

Sean’s character, Prometheus


Rama-lama-lama: How to Tell an Unforgettable Story

I just finished my thesis for my MFA and thought it might be helpful to other actors and storytellers.  Here is the abstract:

“Most plays flop.  Why is that? The greatest storytelling teachers have all commented on the importance of balancing structure and surprise.  This thesis will explore the relationship between the two, naming and defining the various types of surprises, illustrating them with examples from theatre, literature and film and discussing how I integrated them into my solo show, I Promise.”

If you’d like to read the essay, click here:RamalamalamabySeanAMulvihill

Sean Sees some “Action”

Here Comes the TrainSean has proud to announce that he has taken a performing job with Action Theatre based in Torino, Italy and will tour Italy with the company for the 2016 season.

Action Theatre in English combines English Teaching with top class physical theatre and comedy. This season they present 7 shows and 6 interactive small-scale shows for any size of school audience from 3-16 years old. Their motto is Learning through fun fun and last year they entertained and taught English to about 40,000 children.

The tour will last from January to June and take Sean all over the Italian Peninsula!

The New Man of ‘Genius’

132dca6593-MainLogoFuxiaAcidoROMA, ITALIA–Sean was recently picked up by Genius Management, an Italian actors’ agency for film, television, and commericals.  Agent Eugenio Piovosa and the actor signed and sealed the deal in late October.  The hard-working agency has its hand in film and television production as well as representing a small stable of actors.  You can see the Italian language website they created for Sean here.

5 Ways to Access Your Inner Lover

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By Sean (This is a re-release of a classic from 2013) The Inner Lover is your key to good relationships, abundance, success, and health. Want to access it? Here are five quick ways to get in touch with yours: 1. Meditate. Spend a significant amount of time each day clearing your mind …

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